Roush and Saleen interested in buying the Viper business

We already know that Chrysler’s Viper business is under ‘strategic review’ – another nice way of saying ‘we may sell it.’ While Chrysler isn’t rushing out to sell Viper like GM is going crazy trying to sell HUMMER, the news of the model being under strategic review has attracted a lot of interest from third parties.

While many of you may be thinking this ‘interest’ may be from those rich sheiks from the Middle East, Jim Press, Chrysler’s vice chairman told Motor Trend that the news is generating quite a feedback from third parties in North America alone.

Who’s calling up CEO Nardelli? Well it’s probably obvious. Press tossed around names like Roush and Saleen. Saleen is already involved with the assembly of the Viper. Press would not say exactly how many parties have contacted Chrysler.

In the mean time the Viper SRT10 ACR continues to kick ZR1’s and GT-R’s arse on the Nurburgring.

Source: Motor Trend