Press: Chrysler isn’t worried, promises seven new vehicles by 2010

Jim Press has finished making his rounds at Chrysler dealerships talking about the company’s plans to launch electric cars and taking shots at GM’s Chevrolet Volt. Press was in California last week showing dealers three prototypes of plug-in EVs and talking about future products which could include as many as nine new vehicles by 2010.

Press was reported to have confirmed seven new vehicles by 2010 while executive John Campi on the other hand is saying Chrysler will introduce nine new vehicles. The difference in numbers, according to Free Press, is probably because of what both executives consider an updated to an existing model or a brand new model. Seven or nine – either way we’re excited to see what Chrysler has planned.

“For our company, we’re going to have a product renaissance in 2010 … just as the market is coming back,” Press was reported talking in San Francisco last week. “We’re not on the ropes and we’re not worried.”

Some analysts are guessing that Chrysler is working on a new Jeep Grand Cherokee, an updated Chrysler 300, a small car built by Nissan and an updated Chrysler 300. We also know Chrysler is working on a production version of the Dodge Hornet.

Source: Free Press