Nissan Nuvu Concept: An electric-car the size of Toyota’s iQ

At the Paris Motor Show next month, Nissan will be showing its 3-meter long Nuvu concept – a 2+1 electric car. We have yet to see images of the Nuvu, but rumor has it that the electric motor of the Nuvu draws power from leaf-shaped solar panels.

Size wise, the Nissan Nuvu will compete with the Toyota iQ and the Smart ForTwo. Nissan went with a 2+1 seating arrangement to make room for a cargo area that Nissan says is “sufficient space for a typical supermarket or shopping expedition.”

Speaking to AutoCar, Nissan”s Francois Bancon, general manager for product strategy and planning division, said that Nuvu “is a concept car, for sure, but it is an entirely credible vehicle.” Nissan envisions a production version of the Nuvu by 2015.

Don’t know why Nissan hasn’t released any images of the Nuvu yet, but hang on for its debut at the Paris Motor Show next month. The Toyota iQ will also be present.


Source: AutoCar