Las Vegas Hummer to close doors and open a Smart delaership

One of Hummer’s largest dealerships, Towbin Hummer, will soon close its doors becoming at least the eighth Hummer dealer to close this year. The popular Hummer dealership is the brand’s only store in Las Vegas.

Dan Towbin, who owns the dealership, says that he will soon open a Smart cars dealership in Vegas. Towbin also sells Dodge, Rolls Royce, Bentley and Infiniti brands. He said that he will buy GM franchise at some point in the future.

Analysts are saying that things like this will make it hard for GM to sell HUMMER. With a 5 percent decline in Hummer’s U.S. dealer base it will be tough for whoever purchases Hummer to sell its gas-guzzling SUVs to its core market.


Source: WSJ (via KickingTires)