BMW X2: A part of the BMW X1 family but think of it as a baby X6

Next month BMW will show the concept version of the BMW X1 before revealing the production model early next year. According to CAR, BMW is also working on what is known as the X2. The X2 will be a part of the X1 family but will fit more into a sporty crossover segment.

While the X1 will follow the footsteps of the X3 and X5 – the X2 will beΒ a sporty baby X6 coupe crossover. The BMW X2 is planned to be a 2-door SUV with a sloping roof and an aggressive design courtesy of Chris Bangle. Under the hood, the X2 will share the powertrain with the X1 – kind of like the X5 and X6. CAR says that internally the X1 and X2 are known as theΒ Sports Activity Wagon (SAW) and Sports Activity Runabout (SAR) respectively.

So when will we see the BMW X2? The BMW X1 Concept and MINI SUV Concept will be shown at the 2008 Paris Motor Show next month and will enter production shortly after that. The X2 is currently on the drawing board and has yet to receive the green light from executives.


Source: CAR