2009 Toyota Hilux for the Europeans

Toyota has launched its 2009 Hilux pickup in Europe offering a basic Single Cab workhorse to a Double Cab pick-up. The redesigned muscular SUV styled 2009 Toyota Hilux now comes with a ‘passenger car’ interior and enhanced equipment level on the Double Cab version.

The Toyota Hilux comes with a choice of two diesel engines including a 2.4 D-4D and a 3.0 D-4D. The 2.4D 4-D produces 120-hp and is mated to a 5-speed manual. The 3.0 D-4D produces 171-hp and is mated to a new 5-speed automatic transmission.

The 2009 Toyota Hilux goes on later this year with a target of 47,000 units for the 2009 fiscal year.

2009 Toyota Hilux:



Press Release:

In 2007, three years after its European launch, the Toyota Hilux segment share climbed to 22% with 38,957 vehicles sold, reaching almost three times its 2005 volume in Europe. The sixth generation Toyota Hilux achieved worldwide cumulative sales of 1,269,799 vehicles at the end of 2007, with annual sales of 508,107 in the same year.

Of ever-increasing appeal to leisure drivers, the Toyota Hilux range stretches from the basic Single Cab workhorse to the SUVstyle Double Cab pick-up. Now new features and upgrades on the 2009 model are set to make Toyota Hilux Europe”s leisure pick-up of choice. With a sales target of 47,000 units in 2009, Toyota Hilux is expected to become an even stronger volume and image contributor to Toyota SUV-leadership position in Europe.

Muscular SUV styling outside

From the front, the new trapezoid front grille with its metallic grey plate bar reflects the rugged good looks of Toyota Sport Utility Vehicles. The bumper has also been redesigned with a larger, wider opening, suggesting a lower centre of gravity. Moving away from the front bumper, the strong, muscular lines sweep through to the rear ““ accentuated by newly designed 15″ alloy wheels on Double Cab SR grade models and brand new 17″” alloys on Double Cab SR-X grade.

Three body shapes give a wide range of customer choice. The Double Cab is extremely popular with leisure and adventure customers, and was the top European customer choice in 2007 with 63% of Toyota Hilux total sales. The Extra Cab followed with 26%, then came the Single Cab workhorse with 11%.

Two new exterior colours are available from 2008: Blue Metallic and Greyish Brown ““ while on the Double Cab SR and SR-X grade, stylish, darkened privacy glass is now standard for the second seat row and rear window.

“˜Passenger car” leisure styling inside

Viewed from inside, there”s a feeling of “˜passenger car” comfort, starting with the redesigned 4-spoke steering wheel, with new fingertip audio controls and multi-information display switches. Steering wheel and gearshift knob are leather on the 3.0 D-4D Double Cab model.

The instrument cluster has been enhanced with clearer indicators while attention to detail has resulted in more easily readable light and wiper controls, and a redesigned, more ergonomic shift console for the manual transmission.

A new automatic air conditioning system has intuitive push-type heating controls with a digital display. Selected temperature, vent and air inlet mode are all displayed clearly on the LCD screen, while dust and pollen are removed by a highly efficient air cleaner filter.

All 3.0 D-4D Double Cab models now come with new sports seats. These are designed for extra comfort as well as good looks, with broader, deeper support on the sides and back.

New 5-speed automatic transmission

Toyota Hilux features two advanced Toyota diesel engines, the 2.5 D-4D and the 3.0 D-4D. These second generation common-rail diesel power units are refined and quiet, delivering smooth, potent performance throughout the rev range. High efficiency turbochargers ensure low fuel consumption and lower emissions.

The 2.5 D-4D engine, boasting 120 Hp and 325 Nm of torque, is available as two-wheel-drive or four-wheeldrive versions, both with 5-speed manual transmission. Even at low revs (from 1600 rpm), this workhorse engine develops a minimum of 300 Nm of torque. On the combined cycle, the 2009 Toyota Hilux 2.5 D-4D delivers fuel consumption from 7.4 l/100 km to 8.3l/100km, depending on the version chosen.

The 3.0L D-4D, only available on the Double Cab, gives the Toyota Hilux a market-leading power to weight ratio and outstanding driving characteristics with 171 Hp. Engine torque has been boosted in the automatic version by 17Nm to 360Nm, between 1400 and 3400rpm.

The 3.0 D-4D model comes with a four-wheel-drive power train only, and offers a choice of a 5-speed manual gearbox or an all-new 5-speed automatic transmission, which utilises Artificial Intelligence (AI) that can adapt the gear shift pattern to suit driving conditions such as driver input or road conditions. This system, developed by Toyota, can estimate uphill and downhill gradients, as well as predicting and supporting the driver”s intentions.

Pulling power is further enhanced by a sophisticated Swirl Control System on the 3.0 D-4D. This optimises the air-fuel mixture at low engine speeds, increasing torque availability without the need for acceleration. Along with lower emissions, the system improves fuel efficiency, which ranges from 8.3 for the 5-speed manual and an improved 8.9 litres/100 km (9.4 for the previous 4-speed automatic) for the new 5-speed automatic. The 2009 Toyota Hilux 3.0 D-4D delivers a top speed of 170 km/h for the manual transmission and 175 km/h for the automatic transmission.

With the addition of a special cold area pack featuring two battery units, a high power starter and an additional rear heater duct, the 3.0 D-4D engine can now be introduced in all European countries.

Both engines comply with Euro IV emissions regulations and provide Toyota Hilux customers with an excellent balance of driving pleasure, low fuel consumption and low emissions. Suspension enhancements to ensure stable handling and optimum reliability include new double-row roller-type rear axle bearings and a more responsive valve structure on the front shock absorbers. Road surface vibrations ““ already low due to the high torsional stiffness of the suspension design ““ are further reduced by new suspension bushes. Combined with quieter engines and Toyota sound-reduction technology, this helps to produce a refined hush, even at speed, that”s more like a passenger car than a rugged utility vehicle.

Enhanced equipment level on the Double Cab version

Responding to increasing demand from leisure customers, the 2009 Toyota Hilux has a whole host of new features across its range of body shapes, all designed to enhance comfort for both driver and passengers. The 2.5 D-4D Single Cab Toyota Hilux, available in only one grade, is the ultimate Toyota Hilux workhorse. Tough and uncompromising, its straightforward specifications include manual windows, material coloured front bumper and 15″” steel wheels. Audio system, ABS and manual air-conditioning are optional on the base DLX grade.

The roomier 2.5 D-4D Extra Cab version still has a generous deck length, and offers an additional grade choice with the four-wheel-drive version: the more refined SR grade. It features leather steering wheel and gearshift knob, new 15″ alloys, new headlamp cleaners, power windows and manual air conditioning.

The 3.0 Double Cab model offers a wide range of choices to suit customer preferences. The SR grade now features a new leather steering wheel with audio controls, an all-new automatic air-conditioning system and newly designed 15″” alloy wheels.

The SR-X grade adds new 17″” alloy wheels, Vehicle Stability Control (VSC) and sports leather seats. With this, Toyota Hilux drivers will enjoy a far more refined vehicle.

Cruise control is now standard on manual as well as on automatic 3.0 D-4D Double Cab models. New Hi-tech features include an upgraded full map navigation system, with improved graphics. This is integrated with the 4-speaker audio system, which is fully compatible with MP3 and WMA CD format, as well as with MP3 players and DAB.

The 2009 Toyota Hilux is now available with a new lockable tailgate, used when fitting the vehicle with a hardtop cover. And there”s also a wide range of new genuine accessories to customise the 2009 Toyota Hilux, from front guards to a chrome exhaust finish.

Improved safety features

Vehicle Stability Control (VSC) is now standard on the Toyota Hilux 3.0L D-4D engine to provide active safety and improved driving dynamics. Toyota Hilux comes also fitted with a Limited Slip Differential (LSD) at the rear axle designed to provide traction off-road and even minimise wheel spin when travelling on-road. The LSD, standard equipment depending on markets, transfer torque away from a slipping rear wheel and provide best possible traction. This automatically distributes the necessary balance of torque between the left and right rear wheel and gives torque to the one wheel with the higher traction.

The Double Cab receives a complete upgrade of the passive safety system. In addition to the driver and the passenger SRS airbag, side airbags for driver and passenger and curtain airbags protecting the front and rear row are newly available.

281 mm ventilated front disc brakes are fitted on two-wheel-drive versions, while the four wheel-drive-version is fitted with new 297 mm disc brakes (319 mm with VSC). At the rear, 254 mm drum type brakes are available with the two-wheel-drive and 295 mm with the four-wheeldrive version.