Nissan GT-R HKS GT570 Racing Package gives Godzilla 562-hp

Last week we saw the Nissan NISMO GT-R Club Sport Package followed by Wald’s bodykit. Today, a video showing the recently revealed HKS GT570 Racing Package on dyno has hit the web. The results of the dyno test show the GT-R fitted with the HKS GT570 hitting 579ps – or 571-hp. But HKS is being conservative (or realistic) showing 570ps – or 562-hp.

The HKS GT570 Racing Package includes HKS aluminium hard pipe kit, HKS silicon hose joiners, HKS wastegate actuators for standard R35 GT-R turbos, HKS Electronic Valve Controller boost controller and HKS dump and front pipes.

Check out the video of the dyno test after the jump.



Source: GT-R Blog