Citroën Hypnos Concept: A hybrid sedan with coupe styling and SUV space

This morning is all about the 2008 Paris Motor Show. Citroën will show up to Paris with its new Citroën Hypnos Concept car. You’re probably wondering what segment the Citroën Hypnos fits in. According to Citroën, the Hypnos is a “coupé with the elegance of a saloon and the space of an SUV.”

Of course hybrid technology will be a part of the display. The hybrid system of the Citroën Hypnos is mated to a 200-hp engine that allows for a fuel-economy of 52 mpg and CO2 emissions of 120 g/km.

Citroën says that the Hypnos will hint its new take on design and its dedication to offering customers outstanding performance and environmental efficiency.

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Citroën Hypnos Concept:


Press Release:

With the 2008 Paris Motor Show just a few weeks away, Citroën is unveiling Citroën Hypnos Concept car illustrating a new take on the world of exceptional vehicles.

An elegant cross-over vehicle, Citroën Hypnos draws on a range of creative technologies to deliver outstanding performance and environmental efficiency, combined with subtle but powerful motoring sensations.

An elegant and spellbinding concept car

Citroën Hypnos is an impressive vehicle, combining the vitality of a coupé with the elegance of a saloon and the space of an SUV. Powerful, flowing and expressive, the exterior styling identifies Citroën Hypnos as a car to rouse the emotions.

The initial appeal of the exterior styling is confirmed by the cabin, with its original colours and its ability to make technology more human and approachable. A powerful sensory experience awaits the driver and passengers, taking them into the realm of pure magic.

Innovation serving the environment

The special hybrid technology used on Citroën Hypnos highlights Citroën”s commitment to the environment and shows once again that this strong ecological focus is always accompanied by driving thrills and efficiency. With its 200 bhp (147 kW) engine, Citroën Hypnos combines dynamic performance with low fuel consumption and emissions (4.5 l/100 km and 120 g/km of CO2). Illustrating the advantages of hybrid technology through a high-tech approach, Citroën has designed a beautifully proportioned coupé with bold styling.