Volvo V30 won’t be based on the C30 hatchback

Joining the 2009 Volvo XC60 next year will be another compact Volvo crossover called the V30. Clearing up rumors, Volvo told Autowise that the V30 crossover will not be based on the C30 hatchback. Instead, the crossover will be larger than the C30 and just slightly larger than the Audi A3 Sportback.

Volvo is counting on the V30 to retain and attract new buyers that were once interested in the S40 since no replacement model is planned for the sedan. Volvo will also target the V30 as a rival to the upcoming BMW X1, Mercedes-Benz BLK and Audi Q3 compact SUVs.

Volvo is expected to show a concept of the V30 at the 2009 Detroit Auto Show with a production version planned for the 2009 Geneva Motor Show.


Source: AutoTelegraaf