43 Smart ForTwo’s recalled, small recall for a small car

Daimler’s Smart is recalled 43 2008 Smart ForTwo models due a problem that can separate the roof or windshield of the vehicle. The National Highway Safety Administration said that a problem with the paint could cause the windshield or the roof to be separated while the car is in motion.

Why only 43 models? According to the NHTSA the 43 models used a single batch of paint that was sent to the company but didn’t meet specifications.

“Such delaminating can take place in the area of the body where the windshield and roof have been affixed with adhesive,” said NHTSA, “which could affect the adhesion of those components to the vehicle body, increasing the risk of separation.

This Smart’s first recall in the U.S. Smart ForTwo owners can call (248) 648-2451 to learn more.


Source: InsideLine