GM: Volt will knock Prius off no.1 spot, comes with iPod/USB connectivity and Bluetooth

We keep getting invited from GM to sit in on one of their live chats over at Around 3pm EDT yesterday we decided to give it a shot because we were interested in what Bob Boniface, Design Director for the Chevrolet Volt, had to say about the upcoming plug-in hybrid.

What we already know about the Volt: We’re just going to go ahead and make a bullet list of all the things we already know about the Volt.

Click through to read what we learned from Bob Boniface yesterday during the Chevrolet Volt chat.

What we learned from Bob Boniface:

  • – One of the first questions we asked Boniface was the most obvious. When will we see the production Volt? Boniface gave the safest answer saying it will debut very soon but GM has not set a specific date.
  • – When asked if the Volt will knock the Prius off the no.1 hybrid spot – Boniface replied: “If you define #1 as best fuel economy, best looking and best handling – yes.”
  • – Boniface also told us that the aerodynamic discoveries made during the development of the Volt will be adapted to other GM vehicles.
  • – We asked Boniface whether the interior of the Chevrolet Volt will offer drivers iPod connectivity, USB interface and Bluetooth. Boniface simply replied: “Yes, yes and yes.”
  • – While the design team has significantly reduced the roof-line in order to improve aerodynamic and fuel-efficiency, Boniface said that four men with an average height of 6 foot 5-inches can easily fit in the Volt.
  • – Storage utility of the Volt will be very innovative. Boniface said that the rear “seats do fold nearly flat” and that there is “plenty of storage and innovative interior features. Seating comfort and entry/exit were definitely a priority and will be competitive with others in the market.”

Check out the latest teaser shot of the Chevrolet Volt below.

Chevrolet Volt Official Teaser and Production Process Shots: