Ford employees get to test drive future cars including 2010 Mustang and Fusion

At a time like this, we wish we were Ford employees. Hoping to re-energize confidence within the company, FoMoCo is inviting out employees and retirees out to its top-secret track in Dearborn to test-drive the company’s upcoming vehicles. The ‘Drive One’ program kicked off last week and will end August 28th and so far 4,000 employees and retirees have had the chance to get behind the wheels of the 2010 Ford Mustang and next-generation Ford Fusion. Both cars are scheduled to go on sale next year.

The group has also had the chance to test future powertrains including a plug-in hybrid version of the Ford Escape, an electric Ford Ranger and the upcoming Lincoln MKS with EcoBoost that will debut next year.

Employees are appreciating Ford’s efforts and say that it is helping lift their spirits about FoMoCo’s future. Tim Happ, a transmission engineer that has been with Ford for 30 years said that at time employees don’t get to see the final product until the public does.

Source: Detroit News