Tesla working on electric SUV and four-door-coupe for 2015

Tesla has already confirmed that it is working on a new electric-sedan called the Tesla Model S. The Tesla Model S will enter production in 2010 with an expected 20,000 units to be built annually. Pricing for the sedan will start at $60,000. Tesla says the sedan should get 225 miles on a full charge.

What else is in the works? Well – around the same time Tesla confirmed the Model S, Chairman Elon Musk also confirmed that the company is working on an electric-car that will have a price tag of below $30,000.

What’s interesting is that Tesla will build both cars by itself. Currently the Tesla Roadster is built in collaboration with Lotus. The Tesla Model S however will be built by Tesla with no other automaker involved in the project. Tesla will be building its own platform and a new compact lithium-ion battery package.

The platform of the Model S sedan along with some new powertrain technology is expected to spawn other larger models including a four-door-coupe Mercedes-Benz CLS style and an SUV by 2015.

This clever powertrain packaging will allow for a number of larger spin-off models in the future – all based around the same Model S platform. Tesla intends to launch a large Mercedes CLS-style electric “˜coupe-saloon” and an SUV by 2015.

Oh and not to mention – Mazda’s von Holzhausen will join Tesla as the electric-car makers head of design.


Source: AutoCar