Unofficial Chevrolet Volt waiting list tops 34,000

We don’t know if you remember or know Lyle Dennis but he is the biggest enthusiast for the Chevrolet Volt plug-in hybrid. Dennis launched his website GM-Volt last year in effort to support GM and give the General a chance to communicate with consumers and show them that they will actually come through with a plug-in hybrid that gets 40-miles alone on lithium-ion battery.

Anyway, Dennis’s virtual waiting list hit 20,000 on May 5th. According to Dennis’s latest post – the list has reached over 33,000, that’s 34,109 to be exact. 8,311 of those interested buyers come from the U.S., with California dominating the list with 1,152 interested. California is followed by Texas at 638 and Florida at 621. New York comes in 5th with 405 interested buyers.

The lists points out that on average an individual is willing to pay $31,309.34 for the Volt. Now that might be a deal breaker for most of the people on the list since pricing is expected to fall right below $40,000.

GM is targeting for 10,000 units of the plug-in electric hybrid the first year, followed by a 60,000 for the following year.

Want to show your interest? Join the unofficial waiting list.


Source: GM-Volt