Ford’s global Fiesta and Focus will bring in double-digit percentage profit

According to Mark Fields FoMoCo’s president of the Americas, the upcoming North American and European Ford Focus will share 90 percent of their parts and about 20 percent of their current edition parts.

Fields said that the the new Focus and other small-cars built off of its new global platform will bring in double-digit percentage profit for Ford as compared to the current North American Focus. Ford will first introduce the new Fiesta in early 2010 followed by the re-engineered and redesigned Ford Focus.

Fields said the profit increase will come from engineering and sourcing a car globally. Expenses are cut when the models build fewer combinations, cut prototype expenses and globally improve quality.

“We’ve reduced the number of orderable combinations in North America — including series, packages and options — by 90 percent for the Ford brand alone in the 2008-2009 model years,” Fields said.


Source: Automotive News (Subscription Required)