Honda considering bringing Japanese models to the U.S.

As U.S. consumer demand shifts to more compact and fuel-efficient models and as Honda sees a boost in demand for its Fit subcompact, the Japanese automaker is considering bringing more of its small Japanese models to the U.S.

Sales of the 30mpg Fit jumped 73 percent last month as gasoline prices top $4 a gallon. That contributed heavily to Honda being the only automaker to report a gain in U.S. sales this year. Honda is studying the possibility of bringing the Stream wagon – a Japanese version of the Odyssey minivan.

According to Dan Bonawits, Honda’s U.S. vice president for corporate planning, Honda won’t be rushing any Japanese models to the U.S. until it is certain that current U.S. patterns will continue.

“We’ve got a fairly long-term product plan laid out and we’re going to try to stick with that,” Bonawitz said.


Source: Bloomberg