Scion struggling, considering hybrid model under $20,000

Scion is in trouble and parent company Toyota is being forced to rethink the brand’s funky/youth image. It’s been a year since Toyota has released the second-generation versions of the Scion and the number of young people shopping Scion has dropped dramatically since 2006. It seems like it’s just not cool anymore to own a Scion.

Monthly sales for Scion have been declining since last September. However the streak ended in March 2008 after fuel-prices soared in April and Scion sales shot up 41.5 percent. Sales climbed 28.4 percent in May but were down again in June.

What happened? According to analysts Scion isn’t attracting its targeted audience as well as it had in 2004-2005. Scion executives are now considering something different – more along the lines of a green-image.

On the cards is a new Scion model says Jack Hollis, Scion’s vice president. “It could be a hybrid. We want a fourth product that buyers of the other three Scions don’t like.”

Whatever gets added, Hollis wants the sticker price to stay below $20,000.

Source: Automotive News (Subscription Required)