Project Alligator: Mercedes and Aston Martin to collaborate on engines, hybrids, platforms

It seems like that not a month goes by where we don’t here any reports on a Aston Martin and Mercedes-Benz tie-up. David Richards, chairman of Aston Martin recently told reporters that Aston Martin is talking to people on collaboration but that doesn’t mean the company is up for sale.

According to the September 2008 issue of CAR Magazine both automakers are planning a wide-range of collaborations including engines, hybrids, transmission and platforms. Called Project Alligator, Mercedes-Benz engines could power future Aston Martins – for example the 6.2L V8 AMG is expected to power the Vantage models.

Mercedes-Benz will also provide Aston Martin with diesel and hybrid technology. Both will share platforms for top-end future models. Maybach and Aston Martin are also expected to co-operate on future models.


Source: CAR