BMW Falcon X5 by AC Schnitzer

After releasing upgrade for the diesel BMW X6, AC Schnitzer today announced its tuning package for the X5 3.0d – the Falcon X5. Let’s get the crazy body kit out of the way first. AC Schnitzer – like it or not – has added a new widening kit for the front and rear wings, a new front skirt, spoiler skirts and a sports rear silencer with chrome tailpipes. The Falcon X5 tides of 22-inch Type VII black racing wheels.

AC Schnitzer engineers gave the 3.0 liter diesel engine in the Falcon X5 an ECU upgrade increasing horsepower to 310 with a peak torque of 501 lb-ft. Top speed for the Falcon X5 comes in at more than 124-mph.

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AC Schnitzer BMW Flacon X5: