Mazda’s head of design resigns, joining Tesla Motors

Frans von Holzhausen, director of design at Mazda, resigned last week to join Tesla Motors. von Holzhausen will join Tesla and will be responsible for building a team that will help Tesla produce a range of new cars.

“It’s going to be an exciting adventure,” von Holzhausen told CarDesignNews. “I’m looking forward to working at a new startup company that doesn’t have the confines of a large OEM.”

The Tesla Roadster was designed by Lotus and now Chairman Elon Musk is looking to move design work in house. On the cards are two models including Tesla Model S, an electric sedan that will cost around $60,000, and a new sub-$30,000 electric car for the masses.

von Holzhausen is known for his Nagare design theme at Mazda and is responsible for concepts like the Ryuga, Hakaze, Taiki and Furai.