Spy Shots: Mystery Ferrari F430 spotted at Fiorano

We’ve already heard that Ferrari is offering to build you your own one-off Italian stallion for $3.14 million – but we’re not sure that this is one. This weekend an undisguised Ferrari sports that closely resembles a Ferrari F430 was caught circling the company’s Fiorano test track.

Speculation has it that this could be a successor to the F430 but more realistic rumors say that the car in the pictures is prototype for a coachbuilding program launched by Ferrari. And this isn’t something worked up by Pininfarina, Giugiaro or Zagato – the body is said to closely resemble the work of coachbuilder Fioravanti who is now on its way to celebrate its 20th anniversary.

From the pictures you can see a lightly modified front end with new headlamps, a heavily modified rear-end and body panels made of carbon-fiber.

No word on when this one-off Ferrari will make its debut.


Source: autoblog.nl and Italiaspeed