Indiana Mustang GT troopers give out more than 4,600 speeding tickets

As if high-gas prices weren’t snatching enough money out of our wallets – Indiana State Police, driving around in their new 18 2008 Ford Mustang GTs, gave out more than 4,600 speeding tickets in June – an average of seven tickets a day per car.

Supposedly the 18 Mustang GT troopers don’t do anything at all besides chase down speeders all day long. State Police Sgt. Richard W. Myers said that the 18 Mustang GTs “don’t respond to crashes or emergency runs.”

“It’s kind of what the whole (unit) was started for: for extreme speeders, the ones who are looking for our marked cars and think they can outrun us,” Myers said.

Well let’s hope their giving out fuel-surcharges with the tickets.


Source: IndyStar (via AutoBlog)