GM to show employees Chevrolet Volt in September

About 650 GM employees are working on the Volt. The breakdown consists of 200 engineers, 50 designers (wow imagine 50 designers giving their input on the design of one car) and 400 working on the electrical components of the upcoming Chevrolet plug-in hybrid.

According to the Detroit News, GM plans to show other employees that haven’t seen the car a ‘near-production’ version of the Chevrolet Volt during the company’s 100th anniversary celebration in September. However, GM spokeswoman Karla Coleman says that no final decision has been made on when the Volt will be shown to employees or the public, but “it’s going to be soon.”

It’s been rumored before that a production version of the Chevrolet Volt will be shown in September and eventually at the Paris Motor Show in October. It is also expected to make an appearance in the upcoming Transformers sequel. A stateside debut is being rumored for the LA Auto show in November or the 2009 Detroit Auto Show.

GM also confirmed that the it has filed all the necessary paperwork to start building a $326 million, 530,00 sq-ft plant in Flint that will produce 1.4L turbo engines for the Volt and the upcoming Chevrolet Cruze.


Source: Detroit News