Tesla #6 crashed, witnesses say it went unnoticed because it’s too quiet

Tesla has delivered about 10 or so models of its $100,000 roadster so far. Well, #6 of the 10 was crashed shortly after it was delivered to an unnamed private owner. Many thought the driver of the crashed black green beauty was Darryl Siry, Tesla”s Vice President of Marketing. Siry later told Wired.com that #6 had been delivered to the customer shortly before the accident.

“It was a Tesla customer who got into that accident. We’re aware of it because we service our vehicles,” he said.

That’s nice. But what’s more interesting is that witnesses say that that the cause of the accident was due to the fact that the Tesla roadster had gone “unnoticed” because of its silent powertrain. Not to mention the airbags didn’t deploy either.

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Tesla Roadster #6 Crashed:




Source: Wired – Autopia (via engadget)