Volkswagen seriously considering Polo for the U.S.

We’ve been asking Volkswagen to give the U.S. a Polo for over a year now. V-dub has even considered ittwice . And now once again, Volkswagen’s CEO Stefan Jacoby is hinting at a subcompact car, similar to the Polo, for the U.S. Just stop teasing us and do it already.

According to Bloomberg , Jacoby said the Volkswagen is seriously considering bringing the car to the U.S. but its way too early to give an official timeline. Jacoby said that the Polo, similar to the Toyota Yaris and Honda Fit in size, will come after a future redesign of the model – which is expected to take major design cues from the Scirocco .

The Toyota Yaris returns a combined fuel-economy of 32mpg while the Honda Fit delivers 31mpg. Jacoby didn’t provide an official fuel-economy figures for the Polo, but the current European BlueMoition model averages a fuel-economy of 62mpg

Announced earlier this week, Volkswagen has chosen Chattanooga, Tennessee for its U.S. plant . The plant will see production of a new mid-sized sedan.

Source: Bloomberg