The 8C Competizione is Alfa Romeo’s pride and joy. With only 500 units to be produced of the 8C Coupe and Spider each, the car is the most special-edition model from the Italian automaker. Well now CEO Luca de Meo wants an even more special-edition version of the 8C Competizione, limiting production to only a hundred units.

In an interview with AutoTelegraff, de Meo stressed that he has presented the idea to parent company Fiat, but has yet to receive a green light for the special-edition model.

According to de Meo, the model special-edition model will be a lightweight version with more power than the current 450 horsepower 8C Competizione. He said we can expect the model to carry the famous GTA badge.

Alfa Romeo yesterday confirmed a GTA version of the new Alfa Romeo Mi.To.

The Alfa Romeo 8C Spider will start production later next year.

Alfa Romeo 8C Competizione:



Alfa 8C Spider:

Alfa 8C Spider  Alfa 8C Spider  Alfa 8C Spider  Alfa 8C Spider  Alfa 8C Spider Alfa 8C Spider Alfa 8C Spider  



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