Rent a Saleen S7 for $4,000 a day

Posted: Jun 24, 2008

So you want to drive around in a $590,000 Saleen S7 but don’t have that kind of money or never will. Well Gotham Dream Cars has come to your rescue. The exotic car rental company, with locations in Miami and Manhattan, recently added a Saleen S7 to its supercar fleet.

Powered by 7.0L V8 engine the Saleen S7 produces 550-hp weighing in at just 2,750 pounds with a top speed of more than 200 mph. The candy-apple-red model is reserved only for returning customers and members of its DreamShare car club.

Prices for the Saleen S7 start at $3,950 per day. A Friday through Sunday rental will cost you $8,950 while a whole week will run you $19,950. Gotham Dream Cars has a fleet of more than 20 exotic rental cars that include brands such as Bentley, Ferrari, Lamborghini and Maserati.


Check out Gotham City Cars.

Source: InsideLine

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  • x

    i wonder if anybody is ever going to return these

  • Ty

    I wonder if they're not gonna be wreck or scratched when they get returned lol

  • beeoh

    ok if we gather 20 people up for a 100 bucks each we can have it for 80 minutes each… please sign your name below

  • M

    LOL its doesn't work like that I have seen about this car rental company in tv . most of them are rich people renting these cars. they have memberships they are paying I dont remember exactly but around 40 to 50k yearly to drive many of thier exotic cars.

  • mola4everyourz

    Renting a car can be a viable solution if you're on a trip to a foreign country and you hate driving all the way there. So if you're a bit more lazy like I am I think renting a car is a good choice. I sincerely believe (although prices are fluctuating) that you shouldn't need that much money to rent a car or inchirieri masini (with the competition and all) but it really depends on what you want to drive. You can't rent a mercedes for 20 $ a day that's for sure but i don't get people who are renting a car for 6 months when they can buy it :))

  • inchirieriauto

    I wonder what the deposit is on that.

  • Ilaria

    rent car for either CAMARO/MUSTANG/CHALLENGER

    We are an Italian Tour Operator.
    In reference to the subject we are looking for one of the above cars to be rented for a client of us from New York airport (pick up) to Miami (drop off Miami).
    The period involved is from the 23rd july till the 03rd august. 
    Can you give me guarantee about one of the above cars and eventually which car, the rate, terms of payment and cancellation?
     anybody help me you giving an answer for Monday morning the latest?
    Kind regars
    Ilaria Ciresa
    Aemme Viaggi
    Tel: 0039-0462-502355 │Fax: 0039-0462-502042│e-mail:
    Via Fiamme gialle, 57 │38037 Predazzo TN│Italy │skype: aemme-ilaria1.

  • Kaitlee

    $4,000 a day? That’s it? Got that right here….pocket change. Lmao