RENNTECH gives Mercedes SLR McLaren 722 – 722-hp

Reminding us that the Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren 722 doesn’t produce 722-hp from its supercharged V8 (it makes 650-hp), RENNTECH today revealed their SLR Performance Package (PKG1). So what does 722 stand for?

722 stands for 7:22AM – the time of Sterling Moss’ 1955 Mille Miglia run in a then-new Mercedes SLR. But when RENNTECH founder Hartmut Feyhl took a look at the McLaren 722 he said “this car should have 722 hp”. So his team of engineers did just that.

RENNTECH’s PKG1 package includes upgraded intercoolers, a larger crankshaft pulley, and custom ECU software that increase the horsepower of the McLaren 722 to 722. RENNTECH is also offering PKG2 which increases horsepower to 740. The tuning firm also added its Signature 20-in 10 spoke wheels on SLR with 3 finishes including chrome, satin-ceramic, and sniper gray. Upgrades start at $12,990 for PKG1 and $26,990 for PKG2.

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