Honda may revive the ‘Insight’ badge for new global-hybrid

Honda is preparing to add 4 hybrids to its future lineup including an updated Civic hybrid, a hybrid version of the Fit, a production version of the CR-Z hybrid concept and a new global hybrid. Even with 4 new hybrids to join the lineup Honda is being a bit conservative and says that it expects to sell 400,000 hybrids annually within by 2012.

Why do we think Honda is being conservative? Well the new global hybrid is expected to be the hottest and coolest thing from Honda since the Civic. According to Tokyo sources that are familiar with the project, the Japanese automaker is also considering reviving the ‘Insight’ badge for the global-green car.

Fuel-economy wise the new ‘Insight’ is expected to be rated well above today’s Civic Hybrid which gets a city/highway rating of 40/45 mpg. Japanese sources are saying the global hybrid can average anywhere from 71mpg to 82mpg.

Honda still has no plans to offer lithium-ion batteries and believes that they are still to unreliable for mass production. So the global hybrid will most likely get a nickel-hydride (NiMH) battery pack under the trunk floor. Sources say power will come from an under-rated version of the Civic Hybrid’s 1.3L 4-cylinder engine and will produce around 94-hp.

Pricing wise Honda is looking to offer the new ‘Insight under $19,000, well undercutting the Prius.

According to AutoObserver, the new Honda global-hybrid should debut around the Paris Motor Show or LA Motor Show in November.


Source: AutoObserver