Dealers and designers bicker over future look of Mazda MX-5

According to a print issue of AutoCar, Mazda dealers are very happy with the current MX-5 and don’t want Mazda designers to get to the extreme when the car gets a facelift next year or when they work on the total redesign for 2012.

Even though the next-generation of Mazda cars will heavily incorporate design cues from Nagari concepts, the new MX-5 will stay true to its current styling. Why fix something that’s not broken? Hmm, maybe because it has been forever since we’ve seen anything new from the MX-5!

The designers say that they want to go a step further because the MX-5 has never been “radical enough” for them. Guess we’ll have to wait until 2012 guys.

Mazda is also expected to release a MazdaSpeed version of the MX-5 later this year.


Source: AutoCar