Audi planning new supercar and small crossover below Q5

According to executive vice president of Audi of America, Johan de Nysschen, the German automaker is planning another supercar and a small crossover that will fit below the. De Nysschen didn’t give any details about the supercar but said the small SUV will be a ‘lifestyle’ product similar to the Toyota RAV4.

The small Audi crossover will obviously fit below the Audi Q5 but won’t carry the ‘Q’ badge. Why not? Well Audi has a deal with Nissan not to badge anymore than two vehicles with the ‘Q’ since Nissan uses the ‘Q’ badge for its large Infiniti sedan.

De Nysschen did not give any powertrain details for the small crossover.

As far as the supercar goes, we’re guessing the Audi R4 is back on the map after being killed for pretty stupid reasons. Back in March it was reported that Audi will no longer offer an R4 since Porsche was too scared that it may jeopardize sales of the Boxster.


Source: AutoWeek