Honda Freed – a minivan the size of a Civic that fits 8

Only Honda could create something this practical and make it a reality. Honda has just launched a new minivan called the Freed in Tokyo; a kind of an aggressive looking Fit that adds third row seating fitting 8-people while still being smaller than the Civic.

The Honda Freed comes in three different versions including a five, seven and eight-seater variant. The minivan is based on a mix of the Fit and Civic architecture and is 12-inches shorter than the latter. You’re probably thinking that this minivan has no room for cargo. However, if you opt for the seven or eight passenger Freed, the third row folds up.

Power comes from a 1.5 liter i-VTEC engine that produces 118-hp. Kind of small if you ask us – especially if you’re hauling 8-people.

Honda has no plans of bringing the front-wheel-drive Freed to the U.S. but if it did, it would start a brand new segment that would be quite successful as a result of high gas-prices.

Honda Freed:



Source: AutoObserver