GT Academy: Go from racing the Nissan GT-R in GT5 Prologue, to real life

So you’re really good at racing the Nissan GT-R in Gran Turismo 5 Prologue but wish you could get behind the real thing. While you may have the skill to drive Godzilla in a video game and in real life, it’s just that $69,000 holding you back. Well here’s your chance to do both.

GT Academy has arrived and will kick off on June 2nd and, unfortunately, is only available to the pan-Europeans. The first stage will run for seven weeks in which players must register their PlayStation Network ID on Next time they play GT5 Prologue online they will be allowed to race in the GT Academy Time Trial in a battle to be the fastest around the Eiger Nordwand track in a Nissan Fairlady 350Z.

In stage two, which kicks of July 2008, the fastest 20 from stage one will go head-to-head on GT5 Prologue. Following that three of the fastest from stage two will be flown out to Silverstone, to take part in a real-life competition in which contestants will race real Nissan GT-Rs.

Two winners will be chosen from Silverstone to enter a four-month training program where they will earn their licenses to take part in a race prepared Nissan 350Z at the 24 Hour endurance event in Dubai in January 2009.

Man – that’s called living the dream

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Source: Automotoportal