Forget the Fisker Karma: Hybrid Technologies working on 220mpg supercar

So you think Tesla and Fisker are the only ones going at a hybrid sports car? Well while the two are busy suing each other, Hybrid Technologies, based out of Mooresville, North Carolina, is doing some R&D on its own new green supercar that could arrive on the market as early as next year.

Hybrid Technologies is working on a lithium-ion powered hybrid that will be entered into the Automotive X Prize as a gas-electric hybrid but will be offered as an (almost) all-electric supercar for the rest of us. The company says that a working prototype of the un-named car will be ready by September.

“We”re looking for this car basically to end up mainstream””not just built for a one-and-done,” project development engineer Ron Cerven told PopularMechanics.

Hybrid Technologies said they are aiming for a 150 to 180 mile range for the all-electric model, while the lithium-ion gas-electric hybrid will need to hit at least 220mpg.

And you were waiting on the edge of your seat for the Fisker Karma that does 50 miles on electic-power alone.


Source: PopularMechanics