Next Chrysler 300 will see few changes on the outside, ‘huge leap’ on the inside

While Chrysler may be shifting its focus to small cars, it has no plans on killing the iconic 300 sedan. Work is underway on the next-generation 300 and all of Chrysler’s 23 design staff is working on the car. Vehicle designer Lou Gasevski says that work is “in process ““ almost done.”

Gasevski said that Chrysler is following the Porsche way of things. “They change a little bit about the car, but it”s still modern.”

However, while the exterior will be ‘evolutionary’ the interior, according to Gasevski, will make a ‘huge leap.’ He said that designing a luxurious interior with the cheap and hard plastics Chrysler once relied on was difficult. Things are now different under Cerberus Capital.

“The products coming out in 2011, 2012 will be very competitive with Asian (models) as far as content, materials, fit-and-finish,” Gasevski said speaking about future Chrysler, Dodge and Jeep models.


Source: WardsAuto

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