Ford shows off new Focus ECOnetic with 55mpg

Ford showed off its Focus ECOnetic at the Sexy Green Car Show in UK last week. The Ford Focus ECOnetic has been lowered by 10mm at the front and 8mm at the back and has been fitted with an aerodynamic kit that includes a new front number and a rear-spoiler.

The car is also fitted with a low-viscosity transmission oil developed in partnership with BP which allows for a combined fuel-economy of 65.6mpg (that’s 54.6mph U.S. terms).

Ford also gave out some tips to increase fuel-economy saying that reducing weight, closing windows, shutting the engine off when safe and removing the roof rack could help the car be more fuel-efficient.

Pricing for the new Ford Focus ECOnetic starts at $31,784 but is only available in the UK.


Source: InsideLine

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