Dealers worried about Mercury’s future

The decision of Mercury future has been pretty vague, but speculations of the brand being sold have dealers worrying. According to Detroit News, Mercury dealers are asking FoMoCo for a straight answer: Does Mercury have a future?

Basically dealers have asked Ford execs to outline their future strategy for Mercury. If the brand has a future dealers want to know what’s next and what products to expect. If not, they want to know how they can manage their businesses accordingly. Following that Ford had allegedly scheduled a meeting for April in Las Vegas. Ford supposedly canceled the meeting and moved it to September in Detroit.

“The company is in (the) process of developing a strategy and has committed to communicating this plan to the Lincoln Mercury dealer network in the fourth quarter,” a letter to its dealers said dated April 28.

So far, Ford has planned a hybrid version of the Milan and updated versions of current models due out later this year. Beyond that, dealers have heard nothing.

When questioned about Mercury’s future, Ford’s spokeswoman Jennifer Flake said: “We’ve been investing, and continue to invest, in new Mercury product.”


Source: Detroit News

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