Aston Martin not for sale, talking to Mercedes and Ford on engines

At the Nurburgring 24-hour race last weekend, Dave Richards, chairman of Prodrive and Aston Martin, killed rumors that Aston is for sale.

“The company is not for sale,” said Richards during the Nurburgring 24-hour race. “This speculation is only there because we are talking to people all the time about engines. But we are always talking to people, and it doesn”t mean we”re for sale.”

Rumors have been circulating that Prodrive and investors would be happy to take over Aston Martin which was bought by two Kuwaiti investment firms in a deal led by Richards. Rumors even started that Mercedes-Benz might pick up the company when talks started on sharing components.

When asked about the company’s future engine supply, Richards replied: “We are guaranteed engine supply by Ford until 2012 and we are talking to Mercedes, but then we are talking to Ford and we talk to everybody.”


Source: AutoWeek