Infiniti to offer Europe better and more powerful cars

Yes, the Europeans are luckier than Americans when it comes to cars. Heck they are even lucky when it comes to getting the hottest cell phone technology. Infiniti is ready to launch in Europe, and Nissan engineers are making about 300 to 500 modifications on each car to prepare it for launch in October.

To name a couple of changes we may not be too pissed off about; the push-button switches on the center console will be replaced by knobs like the ones in a Mercedes or BMW. They will also get a new heated-seat system and stronger windshield wipers. Not that bad right? Those are things that we can possibly live without having here on the stateside. Well wait until you read about what else the Europeans will be getting.

Infiniti European models will be fitted with new stabilizers and bigger brakes than their American counterparts. Nissan will also introduce a new 7-speed automatic transmission along with a V6 diesel engine around 2010 when the next-generation ‘M’ arrives.

Not only that, Infiniti’s V6 engines in Europe will be more powerful. While we see a 3.5 liter unit here on the G35 sedan; Europeans will enjoy a slightly larger 3.7 liter V6.

Why? Infiniti says that Europeans supposedly driver faster and they need cars that stand up to more high-speeds and wind noise. Yeah okay, that’s our ‘we believe you face.’ More like you need to stand strong next to Mercedes and BMW.


Source: Automotive News (Subscription Required)