First look at the new Mazda1 city car

Being called the Mazda1, these are the first official sketches of Mazda’s upcoming city car which will debut in concept form at the 2008 Paris Motor Show. The car is expected to be the first production Mazda to carry the Nagari styling when it goes on sales in late 2009.

According to Peter Birthwhistle, chief designer of Mazda”s European Research and Development Centre, the new Mazda1 will be even more ‘radical’ than the one seen here in these sketches. “It will be aimed at young people and feature the likes of iPod connectivity, sat-nav and Bluetooth. It will be environmentally friendly, and weigh as little as possible.”

The concept will also show off Mazda’s greeness and is expected to care fuel cells and lithium-ion batteries. However, don’t expect those to make it into the production version in 2009.

Mazda is also planning a small crossover that will adopt its Nagari design.

Mazda1 Sketches:



Source: AutoExpress

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