Delta4x4 gives Ford Kuga some off-road capabilities

When Ford designed the new Kuga for the European market, it wasn’t worried about its off-road capabilities. Rather the automaker was concerned with offering a fuel-efficient compact crossover for trendy European drivers.

However, the Ford Kuga is nonetheless an SUV and tuner Delta4x4 is now giving you the possibility of taking your Kuga off-road with their latest tuning program. Ground-clearance in increased to 550mm along with 18 to 22inch wheels that feature a 5mm thick aluminum alloys for extra protection during off-road driving.

Power for the 2.0 liter Duratorq TDCi has been increased by 26 horsepower for total of 162 and torque has been increased to 280 lb-ft. Prices start at €34,990 including MSRP of the Kuga.

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Ford Kuga by Delta4x4:



Source: WorldCarFans

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