eGMCarTech implements Disqus for beefed up comments

If you haven’t notice, we’ve been making little changes to eGMCarTech in order to create a better expereince for you guys. One of the major changes was our commenting system (yes Allen, we listened to you). We’ve implemented one of the fastest growing threaded comment blogging systems, Disqus, which powers over 4,000 blogs and news sites.

So what does Disqus let you do?

Our main reason for implementing Disqus was to allow our visitors to reply to each other’s comments in an organized manner and to create a profile and become a part of the eGMCarTech community. Let us break it down for you.

First time commenting using Disqus:

If this is your first time commenting on eGMCarTech using Disqus – simply fill out the comment, name and e-mail address form. If you want to post and just move on with your life then just click the ‘Post (unverified)‘ button.

However, we recommend creating a profile so you can be a part of the eGMCarTech community and follow your comments and see who replied back to them. To do that, just check the ‘Verify my post‘ box and then click the ‘Post (unverified)‘. A box will pop up like the one below.

Simply choose a username and password and click ‘Register and Post‘. After that you can go to your Disqus profile page and customize it with your info and picture.


Already posted and want to create a profile?

So you’ve already posted using Disqus and now want to create a profile because you’re feeling left-out? Don’t worry; just go to your last comment and roll the mouse over your name. A box will pop up showing all your recent comments like the one below.

Click on ‘Claim this profile‘ and you’ll be redirected to the Disqus site where you can create a username and password.


Coming back for more?

Now that you’ve already created a profile and are ready to comment and speak your mind everyday. Simply scroll down to the comments section whenever you have something to say and click on the ‘Options‘ tab. Click the ‘Log In‘ link -enter your username and password and comment away (See image below for example).


That’s it. Go ahead and start Disqusing on eGMCarTech.