Wagoner: Chevy Volt could cost less than $30k

Yes we’ve already told you that GM’s Chevrolet Volt prototypes are hitting 40 miles on electric power alone; and yes we’ve told you that 20,000 people have shown interest in the electric-car by signing up on a virtual waiting list; and yes we’ve also told you that it could costΒ up to $40,000.

However, the last part could change. According to Forbes, CEO Rick Wagoner recently told German publication Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung that Chevrolt Colt could cost less than $30,000 when it arrives by 2010.

“Our two challenges are lowering the cost of batteries and convincing consumers of the advantages of the Volt,” Wagoner told the German newspaper.

As of May 5th, 20,000 people have signed up saying that they would purchase the Volt when it arrives in 2010.


Source: Forbes

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