Lexus planning new CUV as second dedicated hybrid model

As much as we wouldn’t rather know, we have already learned that Lexus will be building a ‘lifestyle-wagon-like dedicated hybrid model that will be based on the Prius platform. Internally known as the 812L, the car will have a similar roofline as the Prius but with Lexus’ L-finesse design lango.

Industry sources have told InsideLine (who they seem to tell a lot of stuff to recently), that Lexus is also working on a midsize gas-electric crossover that will join the Prius-like Lexus as a standalone hybrid model.

The Lexus hybrid crossover will be placed above the wagon-like hybrid model which is expected to carry a price tag of more than $30,000.

The first of the Lexus dedicated hybrid models will make its debut as a concept at the 2009 Detroit Auto Show alongside the next-generation Toyota Prius. That model won’t arrive in dealerships until 2010. The Lexus hybrid crossover won’t arrive until late 2011or early 2012.


Source: InsideLine

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