Lexus LF-A to be priced over Ferrari F430 and Lambo LP560-4

For those of you complaining about dealers charging over $90,000 for the 2009 Nissan GT-R, you might not want to stop your yelling and screaming. When Lexus’s GT-R rival hits dealerships it will carry a price tag over $200,000.

And by over, we mean $25,000 over. According to Ben Mitchell, corporate product planning manager for Lexus, pricing of for the upcoming Lexus LF-A “will begin with a two.” Other Lexus sources in Japan have told InsideLine that pricing may be as high as $225,000.

The roadster version of the Lexus LF-A that we saw at the Detroit Motor Show will cost even higher. So that means the Lexus LF-A costs more than the 483-hp 2007 Ferrari F430 Spider which costs $211,525. Not to mention more than Lamborghini’s latest baby, the LP560-4, which tops at around $213,000.

Power for the Lexus LF-A is said to come from a 5.0L V10 producing some 500-hp with a top speed of 200mph.


Source: InsideLine

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