Honda Fit Hybrid announced, 4 hybrid models by 2015

While Toyota may have a hybrid version of the Camry and the Highlander; when one thinks of the words ‘Toyota’ and ‘Hybrid’ in the same sentence, an image of the Prius is most likely to pop up in your head. That’s what we like about Toyota’s hybrid initiative and now with all the talk of throwing the Prius badge on a new family of hybrids just makes it all the less confusing.

Honestly, with all the recent news of all the upcoming Honda hybrids, we’ve been very confused. We really hope Honda figures this out early, because they’ve got four hybrids planned to hit the market by 2015. The number two Japanese automaker just announced that it will launch a hybrid version of the Fit in its next-generation model.

“The Fit has great fuel efficiency to begin with, and if you put in a hybrid, it’s going to get even better,” CEO Fukui said during a mid-year news conference. “So with crude oil prices going up this much, I think a Fit hybrid is now starting to make sense.”

Price difference between the regular Fit and the hybrid Fit will be less than $2,000 when it arrives in 2015, said Fukui.

Next year Honda will roll out an all new dedicated and affordable hybrid model that will go head-to-head with Toyota Prius, followed by a redesigned Civic hybrid. That will be followed by a production version of the CR-Z hybrid.


Source: Automotive News (Subscription Required)

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