Dealership offering buyers $250 for gas, or a gun

It’s funny how many interesting incentives are popping up to move cars out of the showrooms. Chrysler first surprised everyone by offering a gas card that caps your fuel-cost at $2.99 a gallon and the Suzuki decided to offer free gas for the summer. But this is probably the craziest incentive we’ve probably seen yet.

A dealership in Missouri is offering its buyers the option of $250 in gas or a free semi-automatic gun.

“Like I say, it’s a choiceΒ – protection or gas,” said Walter MooreΒ of Max Motors, who came up with the idea.

According to Moore, 80 percent of the buyers have chosen to go with the gun instead of the $250 in gas.

Of course Max Motors isn’t just handing out guns to everyone. The dealership only offers customers a certificate to get the gun only if they pass the background check. Local police say that it is okay as long as Max Motors isn’t handing out guns at the dealership.

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Source: KMBC

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