U.S. Ford Fiesta to be priced under Focus with premium interior and features

While the Chevrolet Camaro and Dodge Challenger may be facing a tough U.S. market as gas reaches an average of $4 per gallon, the Ford Fiesta couldn’t come at a better time. Ready to hit the U.S. market in a sedan version in late 2009, the Fiesta won’t be any crappy B-segment car stripped of all the technology and premium features.

Ford says they will be targeting the 11,000 Millennials (individuals betweens the ages of 14-29). Millennials make up 32 percent of B-segment vehicle market. At a recent media event, Ford said it understands that individuals in that demographic won’t stand for boring style, crappy interiors and sub-standard features and don’t wont to cash out a lot of money for smaller cars.

Murray Callum, Ford’s U.S. design director, says that Ford worked closely with suppliers on new technologies and a premium-type interior for less money, making the Fiesta an affordable car priced under the larger Focus. Ford may also consider bringing a hatchback version of the Fiesta to the U.S. that it unveiled at the Gevena Motor Show.

All we know is that the Ford Sync better be a cheap option on the U.S. Fiesta.


Source: InsideLine

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