UK Geek Squad gets smarter with the Smart ForTwo

We’re pretty happy with Geek Squad here on the stateside. Everytime we’ve had a issue with our machines we just run down to the local Best Buy to get it fixed. However, we’re not to pleased with the geeks riding around in the Volkswagen Beetle.

As geekey as you guys are shouldn’t you be driving a car that compliments your geekeyness rather than one that takes a shot at your brian power and makes you look like a little b***h?

Well the smarter Geek’s in UK have opted for the Smart ForTwo as their choice of transportation that compliments their nerdy Squad. And you Geeks in the U.S. better switch over too.

UK Geek Squad’s Smart ForTwo:



Source: ScooterScoop, Flickr, Flickr and Flickr (via AutoblogGreen)

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