Mercedes-Benz to buy Chrysler Pacifica Advance Design Center

Seems like Daimler and Chrysler can still play nice. Mercedes-Benz is planning on buying the Chrysler Pacifica Advance Design Center in Carlsbad, California, the studio known for the Plymouth Prowler. Both Meredes-Benz and Chrysler have entered a contract for the sale, however the sale of the 35,000 sq-ft building is still pending.

Chrylser closed the design studio earlier this year as a part of its plan to streamline operations. The building is listed for $7.3 million.

Mercedes-Benz has yet to say what it plans on doing for the studio. The Chrysler Pacifica Advance Design Center opened its door in 1983 and was also responsible for the Dodge Challenger concept in 2006.


Source: AutoWeek

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